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Why do YOU Binge Watch – Final

This video is a visual representation of a survey I conducted on whether people binge watch and why. I interview 6 recipients in order to do this and used screenshots of the survey to support what they were saying. The images (that are not screenshots of the survey results) are not my own and I […]

Are YOU A Binge Watcher – Survey Results

Below is the results of the survey I did using SurveyMonkey┬á What is your gender? What is your age? Do you know what binge watching is? Do you consider yourself a binge watcher? On what device do you usually binge watch on? Why do you binge watch? What does your typical binge watching surroundings look […]

Are YOU A Binge Watcher?

In light of my recent post about examining feminine and masculine online cultures┬áI have decided to focus on a more relevant and examinable topic, given that my original idea was quite broad and was probably not as readily achievable as I first thought. I have decided to narrow my view down to the parallels and […]