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Why do YOU Binge Watch – Final

This video is a visual representation of a survey I conducted on whether people binge watch and why. I interview 6 recipients in order to do this and used screenshots of the survey to support what they were saying. The images (that are not screenshots of the survey results) are not my own and I […]

Are YOU A Binge Watcher – Survey Results

Below is the results of the survey I did using SurveyMonkey  What is your gender? What is your age? Do you know what binge watching is? Do you consider yourself a binge watcher? On what device do you usually binge watch on? Why do you binge watch? What does your typical binge watching surroundings look […]

Are YOU A Binge Watcher?

In light of my recent post about examining feminine and masculine online cultures I have decided to focus on a more relevant and examinable topic, given that my original idea was quite broad and was probably not as readily achievable as I first thought. I have decided to narrow my view down to the parallels and […]

Masculine Vs. Feminine Online Cultures – Thoughts?

As all University students will understand, the submission of one assessment usually means that the next one is in progress or already started. In BCM240 (Media, Audience & Place) our final project is to design, implement and evaluate a small digital storytelling project in order to display how media practice is spatial with support from […]

Review & Reflect

It has come to that time of the semester where we are asked, as writing students, to review our work and reflect on what we learnt from our communications subject (BCM240: Media, Audience and Place), as well as reflect on where we started as bloggers and where we are striving to be in the future. […]

Rules and Regulations

There are places within society where the use of smart devices is socially unacceptable as well as viewing media, especially if it is pirated or ‘stolen’ (some like to say borrowed). There are probably spaces within your own home that the use of these devices is prohibited (the dinner table, family lounge room, dining room […]

Have YOU Been Paying Attention?

Who Dunnit? How well did you score? The question that is asked throughout many programs on prime-time TV these days (whether directly asked or indirectly referred to), is ‘have you been paying attention?’ The Channel Ten Network has recently aired a show named just that (Have You Been Paying Attention), of which Australian ‘celebrities’ and […]

Public Participation

“When public spaces are successful […] they will increase opportunities to participate in communal activity. This fellowship in the open nurtures the growth of public life, which is stunted by the social isolation of ghettos and suburbs. In the parks, plazas, markets, waterfronts, and natural areas of our cities, people from different cultural groups can […]

Movie Goings (American Ultra)

Choosing a film to watch in this day and age is quite difficult, especially with the abundance of choice and the multiple ways in which we can view a film. With the introduction of Netflix and other online streaming services, DVD hire shops and even purchasing a DVD (as well as the cinema), the human […]

My One True Connection

Ahhhh the Internet, the wondrous world of perilous wonderment and imminent time wasting. You’re using it right now and so am I most probably; and on more than one device. This wasn’t always the way though, getting a good connection in our house to be strong enough to support 6 family members with multiple devices […]