Are YOU A Binge Watcher?

In light of my recent post about examining feminine and masculine online cultures I have decided to focus on a more relevant and examinable topic, given that my original idea was quite broad and was probably not as readily achievable as I first thought. I have decided to narrow my view down to the parallels and differences of binge watching in a masculine and feminine culture. I hope to interview a few people about their binge watching habits and inherit their knowledge of what binge watching means to them, the implications of binge watching on their society/culture and the way they do their binge watching.

Understandably, people have a different view of binge watching but as a broad definition, I see it as watching a number of episodes of a television show in a rapid succession with no breaks within a certain time period; with a ‘number’ being 3 or more episodes. I hope to explore this in light of how other people define binge watching and whether they think that the definition changes based on the way it is explored by individuals.

As well as interviewing or using vox pops, I have designed a survey to get a broader understanding of these parallels and differences between male and female binge watchers as a whole and whether the trends seen by one gender are the same as the other.

Media: Binge watching device
Audience: Binge Watchers
Place: Place of Binge Watching

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