Masculine Vs. Feminine Online Cultures – Thoughts?

As all University students will understand, the submission of one assessment usually means that the next one is in progress or already started. In BCM240 (Media, Audience & Place) our final project is to design, implement and evaluate a small digital storytelling project in order to display how media practice is spatial with support from primary and secondary research. This also needs to be done in collaboration with another individual that supports your idea and contributes to your research (See also:

In an attempt to achieve the most from this task, I want to throw an idea out there into the void and have some opinions under my belt for when I start actually implementing and designing a research task. The current topic I have come up with is the similarities and differences in Masculine Vs. Feminine online mediated cultures. As broad a topic as it is, it would be simple to narrow down a research field by researching certain online cultures and how people interact with these (e.g. Live tweeting television shows, fan-based forum posts etc) or even looking at the difference uses between gender of certain websites (e.g. online shopping, social media, traditional media – conventional media etc).

Although there is already lengthy research related to this topic, I think having an opinion based task will open up the area for discussion and educational debate, allowing for collaborative ethnographic research and the different trends that could emerge. Tell me what you guys think below and give me your honest opinion. Maybe you can help me out with some research or throw an idea out there that could help me get this off the ground.

Viewed Research

The Influence of The Avatar on Online Perceptions of Anthropomorphism, Androgyny, Credibility, Homophilly, And Attraction – Kristine, L. Nowak and Christian Rauh.

Constructions of Masculinity and Their Influence on Mens Wellbeing: A Theory of Gender and Health – Will H. Courtenay.

Cultural Differences In Online Learning: International Student Perceptions – Xiaojing Liu1 , Shijuan Li , Seung-hee Lee and Richard J. Magjuka


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  1. […] light of my recent post about examining feminine and masculine online cultures I have decided to focus on a more relevant and examinable topic, given that my original idea was […]

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