Hey, guys! It’s been a while since I posted on this blog… mostly because I’ve been focussing on trying to find a job after graduating, but also because I’ve been suffering from severe writer’s block as of late. Maybe that, and a contribution of not reading much material lately, have also contributed to my lack […]

Exploring the Realm of Anime – Individual Digital Artefact: Anime Watch (Podacst) // DIGC330 Idea: The idea behind my Digital Artefact is to explore the themes in top-rated Anime series on Netflix and compare common themes to that of my social context of living in Australia. I will bring my experiences of what little Anime […]

Animals are everywhere in the media – kids cartoons, advertisements, the latest blockbuster film, on mainstream news outlets – there is no escaping them. The concerning but also fascinating thing is, these animals are not entirely animals at all, but human-like creatures. We often watch, read and listen to/about animals from the bias point of […]

Given the recent boom in technological advances, it doesn’t come much of a surprise when us as humans want to start measuring ourselves in terms of numbers and figures, quantifying our physical and psychological features. The introduction of technologies such as the Fitbit and the Apple Watch have allowed us to measure qualities of ourselves by using […]

This video is a visual representation of a survey I conducted on whether people binge watch and why. I interview 6 recipients in order to do this and used screenshots of the survey to support what they were saying. The images (that are not screenshots of the survey results) are not my own and I […]

Below is the results of the survey I did using SurveyMonkey  What is your gender? What is your age? Do you know what binge watching is? Do you consider yourself a binge watcher? On what device do you usually binge watch on? Why do you binge watch? What does your typical binge watching surroundings look […]

The culture and theme around the word hacking is usually one of skepticism and often means something bad. When I hear the word hacker, my mind automatically thinks about bad hackers, such as those who hack bank accounts, computers and personal devices to obtain information, whether it be the celebrity nude hacking scandal, or to […]

Simply, the internet of things is increased machine-to-machine communication based off cloud technology and networks of data-gathering sensors, being mobile, virtual and instantaneous connectivity (Burrus, D, 2014). It is the essence of a usually trivial object connecting to the internet, inherently obtaining it’s own network (IP) address, becoming uniquely identifiable, as argued by two students of MIT […]

In light of my recent post about examining feminine and masculine online cultures I have decided to focus on a more relevant and examinable topic, given that my original idea was quite broad and was probably not as readily achievable as I first thought. I have decided to narrow my view down to the parallels and […]

With the emergence of such sites as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube within the past decade, the ways that protests (peaceful or not) have been organised and participated in has been revolutionised. Recent protests and revolutions such as the #ArabSpring (2011) and the Euromaiden Revolution in Ukraine (2013-14) were witnessed all over the world with the use of […]